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        1. City News


          Scenic spots - win situation - winning Zhangjiajie [new]

          [In detail ]

          ZJJ Yangjiajie Scenic Area has a Wonder of Cloud Sea and Cloud Waterfa

          On April 24th, after the rain, on an early morning, world natural heritage wulingyuan scenic area Yangjiajie has a wonder of…[In detail ]

          An Introduction for 2013 Zhangjiajie Thematic Cultural Activity

          On April 24, the open ceremony of Zhangjiajie Thematic Cultural Activity went to the public with excellent and wonderful exh…[In detail ]

          Zhangjiajie:Top 10 enchanting forests around the world

          To celebrate the arrival of the April 22 Earth Day, the vote by world-renowned American Travel website Cheapflights.co(www.cheap…[In detail ]

          Introduction to sight spots


          >>Release Your Inspiration in Red Stone Forest

          Holding a brush, you might not have an inspiration to paint up a new world as Leonardo or Van Gogh. Yet, Red Stone Forest, which is a billion years of…[More]

          >>Approach Red Stone Forest: Enjoy the scenery;

          There is a spot called &ldquo;Ice Stone Couple&rdquo; in Xiang Xi Red Stone Forest. Since five billion years ago, tide rising then ebbing, stone growi…[More]

          >>Red Stone Forest: Have You Understood Ren Chi

          When you walk through a serene path, songs from pines will lead you to the shimmering water- Ren Chi. This natural pond is regarded to be an eye and a…[More]